Regulation / Exam Wear & Uniforms

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) regulation uniforms

ISTD regulation uniforms

Chloe RAD leotard

Primary & preprimary leotard

with RAD logo

lilac, pink, white

Royal Academy Wrap Skirt

Royal Academy wrap & elasticated skirt.

with RAD logo.

Lilac or pink

Aimee RAD leotard Grade 1 & 2

Royal Academy sleeveless leotard with belt and scoop neck in cotton/lycra.  With RAD logo.

White, pink, lavender, navy

Faith RAD leotard with ruche

Faith RAD leotard with ruche.  Grade 3/4/5

Sleeveless, gathered bustline with belt and RAD logo in cotton/lycra

mulberry, navy, lavender & red

Cmajor shoulder strap leotard

Camisole top with belt

Cotton/lycra in black or navy

ISTD leotard

Primary to Grade 4 sleeveless leotard

Colours: plum & sky blue

without belt

Circular chiffon skirt

ISTD circular chiffon skirt

Colours:  plum & sky blue

IS wrap skirt

IS wrapover polycrepe skirt

Plum, navy, purple

20-24", 24-28", 30-32"


ISTD cotton/lycra sleeveless leotard with gathered bustline

Colour: purple & navy

Oli - crossover cardigan

Crossover cardigan.  Long sleeves.  Acrylic in a variety of colours.

Size: 26" to 36" all colours.  38" black only.

Pink, white, lilac, peach pink, plum, sky blue, navy, black

Nikki cardigan

Nikki crossover cotton/lycra tie cardigan

Pink, white, lilac, plum, navy, black