Pointe Shoe Accessories

Fleecy Toe Pads

Fleecy toe pads - can be cut down to size.

Pointe Shoe Elastic

Pointe shoe elastic

Silicone Toe Pads

Thin, durable silicone toe pads for pointe shoes

Suede toe caps

Suede toe caps for pointe shoes.


Rosin available in 4oz and 12oz bags

Ouch Pouch

Available in nude or various vibrant colours

Pointe shoe darning kit

Jelly Toes

Elasticated fabric tube lined with gel strip,place over toe to help relieve pressure

Pointe shoe overlays

Beautiful coloured lycra Pointe shoe overlays in various colours including Pink,Red,Blue Black,Black Lace and Red Lace.

Perfect for changing the colour of your shoes for a performance or just a bit of fun in the studio.

Toe Seperator

Toe seperator to help with reducing "squishing" toes and to help reduce risk of bunions