Bridesmaid Dresses

Dresses from the D'zage collection.

Children's from 18 months, teenager's and adult sizes from £50 to clear.

DAB11156 & DAF 21152 & DAF21153 hot pink

Satin dresses in hot pink & ivory.  

Children's age 2-4 years and Adult style size 18 available.  Teenage style no longer available.

DAF 7722 & DAB6720 & DAF7723

Teenage style age 10-12 years available & children's style age 4-6 years available.    Poly taffeta. Back Lacing.



Denim Colour Dress

Adult style available size 16 in denim - (Colour shown in photograph).

DAF 7834 & DAB 6819 Raspberry

Teenage & Adult Style Poly Taffeta Dress in Raspberry.


DAB 1150 ice blue

Poly taffeta dress - ice blue. Size 12 only.

Cornflower Blue

Colour:  Cornflower

Poly taffeta dress: Teenage style age 10-12 years available.


DAB 11155 Watermelon

Colour:  Watermelon

Beautiful Satin Dress.  Back-lacing Size 14 available.