Ballet Shoes

Leather & satin ballet shoes in stock in all sizes from £9.99.

Grishko,Freed and Bloch pointe shoes in stock - (Please telephone in advance for pointe shoe fittings to ensure an experienced fitter is available).

RC Pointe shoe (Russian Class)

A beautiful Pointe shoe with a tapered toe and long wings

A beautiful pale pink colour which makes for a really beautiful look

Similar in fit to the Grishko 2007

Hannah Bloch Pointe Shoe

'Hannah' Pointe shoe has a wider platform and a more flexible shank,but is available with a stonger shank.

Ideal first shoe for Beginners

Balance European Pointe Shoe

Bloch's Bestseller.

This Pointe shoe has a wide platform but tapered box, a curved last,U shaped vamp,contoured heel shape and an elastic drawstring

Many Dancers prefer this shoe due to the wider platform allowing for a wider surface to balance.

Grishko 2007 Pointe shoe

This style has a U shaped medium vamp with a drawstring and medium platform.

It is suitable for all levels including beginners and those that are well prepared for Pointe.


Upper material-light salmon satin with a sude leather sole.


Grishko Triumph Pointe shoe

A quieter,lighter and more flexible shoe

It has doubled upper and longer supportive wings

A good shoe for the fuller foot

Serenade Bloch Pointe Shoes

A wide platform pointe shoe.  Longer vamp and strong shank.


Freed Classic Pointe shoe

Freed Classic Pointe Shoes

The legendary original Freed of London shoe

Regular strength shank

Capezio Cambre Pointe shoe

This shoe has a feathered wing box for lateral support with a tapered platform

anti-slip material inside, a 3/4 length shank and ealstic drawstring

Performa stretch canvas Ballet pump


a super comfortable lightweight stretch canvas split sole

Adheres to the arch beautifully

Shock absorbing heel cushioning

Generous front and heel leather soles

Bloch Synchrony canvas ballet shoe

Split sole stretch canvas ballet shoe with elasticted arch,elastictcated all the way around the top (no Drawstring) and double crossover elastic (pre sewn) 

Grishko Model 6 Performance canvas slipper

Model 6 Canvas Performance Slipper

This model has a U shaped middle vamp and split leather sole,a neat flattering style without side seams.An elastic drawstring and pre-sewn elastics ensure a perfect fit. An integral elastic running inside an arch pulls the shoe up into an arch to create a clean profile.

sizes UK 3.5 - UK7 available

Prolite II canvas pump

Canvas split sole that hugs the foot when pointing

Cotton lining and suede insock

Presewn elastics

Split sole Prolite Satin pump

Beautifully soft split sole satin ballet pump

cotton lining and suede insock

elastics provided to be attached

Bloch Debut Satin pump

A soft satin full sole Ballet pump suited to a wider foot

Elastics provided to be sewn on.

Satin ballet shoes

Premium satin full sole ballet shoes in pink or white.

With elastics to sew on.  From size small 4.

Price from £10.99 includes fitting.

*Ribbons purchased separately*

Premium Leather ballet shoes

Full sole ballet shoes with premium leather uppers and suede sole in pink, white or black.

These come with elastics to sew on.

From £12.99 includes fitting.  From size small 4.

Leather Ballet Shoes pre-sewn elastic

Leather full sole ballet shoes with pre-sewn elastic.

Pink or black - average & also wider fit.

From £12.99 - includes fitting.

Pink Satin Ballet Ribbon

Pink satin ballet ribbon (shoes not included).

Usually sold in 2 metre lengths for one pair of shoes, but we can cut any length required.